Flexible/Hybrid Working

At Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC, we recognise that a key ingredient is giving you flexibility in when, where, and how you work. Our hybrid working model has been designed with this in mind, based on five fundamental principles.


Meeting face-to-face provides excellent opportunities to collaborate on innovations, build personal networks and strengthen our culture.

Essential business 

We don't have a minimum requirement for office attendance, but we know some activities are easier to carry out from the office.

Health, safety, & wellbeing

Your health, safety, and wellbeing are paramount wherever you work.

Training & development

Through our Learning Experience Platform and Microsoft Teams, we can deliver an impressive array of learning programmes online and remotely. However, we recognise there may be times when some learning is better suited to in-person events.


Getting to know each other through personal interactions is valuable in building community and a sense of belonging.

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