Be Proud, Be You: Celebrating LGBTQ+ Voices at Novuna

Expiry date: 07/06/2024

This Pride Month, we're celebrating the importance of bringing your full, authentic self to the workplace. DevOps Lead for Group IT and co-lead of our PRISM LGBTQ+ colleague network, Adam Murgatroyd, shares his journey to embracing his identity at work and how it has positively impacted his personal life and role at Novuna.

The Importance of Colleague Networks

 "Having previously worked for Hitachi Capital, I rejoined the company now known as Novuna in December 2022, working in Group IT. Alongside my day job, I also co-lead the PRISM (LGBTQ+) Colleague Community across the company," says Adam. "The Communities are vital as they allow colleagues from minority groups to have a voice and be able to effect positive change. "Novuna is a diverse and inclusive employer, and colleague networks such as PRISM are evidence of its commitment to creating the best work environment for everyone." 

Adam's Journey to Authenticity 

For Adam, being his complete self at work has been transformative. "My career began when I left sixth form and joined a company as an apprentice. Outside of work, I was aware of my sexual orientation but I'd never expressed it in a corporate or formal setting as I feared it would impact my future and prospects. For years, I suppressed this side of me at work until I grew in confidence and comfort with my colleagues, where I started to open up about this part of my life." It was then that Adam discovered Novuna's LGBTQ+ employee network. "Only when I did this did I discover the LGBTQ+ employee network at Novuna and I started to feel included and safe working for the company. As a result, I have an appreciation for how difficult it can be working as an LGBTQ+ person, and PRISM aims to create a safe space for people to be their true selves at work." 

The Ongoing Journey of Inclusion 

Adam's journey toward feeling comfortable about himself at work has evolved. "Since my first employer, I have grown in confidence and feeling of belonging as a gay man, hence writing blog posts such as this, co-leading the community, and being interviewed for a video on the internal Hub website for all Novuna's employees to watch. My journey isn't over; there's still much I don't know, and I have much to learn. As is the case for many LGBTQ+ people, coming out isn't a one-time thing I have to go through but a recurrent process." 

Diversity and Inclusion at Our Core 

This kind of openness and freedom are core to Novuna's diversity values.  Adam notes, "Novuna is committed to inclusivity and diversity, PRIDE being a prime example of celebrating the LGBTQ+ community." By elevating voices like Adam's and fostering employee networks, we aim to create a workplace where everyone feels empowered to bring their true selves. This Pride month and every month, we celebrate diversity. 

If you'd like to find out more about our D&I efforts, check out our Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion page.

You can read more blogs from our PRISM community by clicking here.


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